What Makes Ramen So Addicting?

What Makes Ramen So AddictingThe Philippines is undeniably mami country, but another noodle is quickly securing a foothold in Filipino diners’ gullets: Japanese ramen. Cheap and easy to make, ramen (like its Chinese counterpart) also boasts an ability to adapt an infinite array of ingredients into its makeup.

The similarity is more than coincidental—after all, ramen was first brought to Japan by Chinese immigrants in the late 1800s, many of whom retained a craving for a taste of home. Ramen was first served from a stall in Yokohama’s Chinatown, and quickly evolved to suit to Japanese tastes. [Read more...]

Which Food Help Ease Diabetes?

Which Food Help Ease DiabetesPopping prescribed pills to straighten out ailments is one way to get healthy. The other way, which is more natural and often more effective, is to have the right kind of diet. Fill your meals with food that’s chock full of nutrients and, one way or another, it’s bound to be good for you.

For example, do you have high blood pressure? You need more fiber in your diet; eat more kamote (sweet potatoes) and oat bran.

Scared of developing osteoporosis when you get older? Fortify your bones with calcium; have more broccoli and leafy greens with your meals. [Read more...]

5 Best Foods For Men

5 Best Foods For MenEggs

They are a rich source of protein; they’re low in calories (around 80 calories per medium-sized egg); and they can be enjoyed in multiple ways – so what’s not to love about the humble egg? The good news for guys here is that eggs, whether poached, scrambled, boiled or enjoyed as an omelette, are high in amino acids which aid growth and repair, making them the perfect post-workout munch. [Read more...]

7 Brain Foods For Breakfast

7 Brain Foods For BreakfastEating a healthy breakfast can jump start your brain and help boost your productivity and focus throughout the morning. Try incorporating these seven “brain foods” in your morning meal to give yourself a mental edge.

1 Eggs

Choline, a B vitamin found in eggs, has been shown to play a role in brain function and memory. In a study of almost 1,400 men and women published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who consumed foods with choline performed better on memory and verbal learning tests than other subjects. [Read more...]

10 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health

10 Things Your Feet Say About Your HealthAre serious problems hiding in your socks?Are serious problems hiding in your socks?By Nina Elias, Prevention

What can your toes tell you? The nurse just took your temperature, checked your blood pressure, and even made you step on the scale (with that heavy sweater on, no less). And as she hands you the paper gown, she gives her final directive: “You can leave your socks on.”

When it comes to your health, that could be a big mistake. A change in your feet–whether on the skin, nails, or even how they feel–can be the first sign of a potentially serious problem that, if caught early, could save your life. “Our feet are the first parts to be affected by nerve issues because they’re the farthest from our hearts and spine,” explains Carolyn McAloon, DPM, a Bay Area podiatrist and president of the California Podiatric Medication Association. Even more reason to never ignore feet: They’re easily compromised when our bodies feel threatened, since we send blood to the internal organs and the brain before the extremities. [Read more...]

Six Things To Buy AFTER Christmas

Six Things To Buy AFTER ChristmasDespite the fact that many Christmas displays are up when stores are still marking down fake fangs and pint-sized chocolate bars, the winter holidays come and go quickly. In their wake, they leave exhausted credit cards and some purchases that are regretted as soon as the post-Christmas/ Boxing Day sales roll around. When shopping for so many people, it is hard not to buy some items for yourself, too. But, waiting out the frenzy of Christmas sales could actually save you a lot of money. We talked to a trio of savvy shoppers to learn what items you should wait until after Christmas to buy in order to save some cash. [Read more...]

5 Festive Fat Burning Foods

5 Festive Fat Burning FoodsHow pigging out this Christmas could actually help you LOSE weight

Did you know the average person will gain 3kg over the festive period according to the British Dietetic Association? We’re going to teach you how to go against the grain and actually lose weight over Christmas. Here are five festive foods that will help you shed the pounds.

Cinnamon is a wonder spice for the Christmas season [Read more...]