Sweeter Broccoli Launched To Help Children Eat Their Greens

Getting children to eat their greens at dinner time has never been an easy job – as many long suffering parents will know.

But now that task should be a little easier as a sweeter variety of home-grown broccoli – a superfood that is packed with nutrients – is going on sale exclusively at Tesco stores across the UK.

Not only is the variety sweeter but it is also more tender with a lot of flavour, especially in the stalk.

Jeni Gray, Tesco’s broccoli buyer, said: “Broccoli is one of the most nutritionally beneficial of all foods but sometimes getting children to eat it can be hard work.

“Finding a sweeter tasting green, especially broccoli, that is likely to be enjoyed by kids has long been a mission for vegetable producers.

“We think that this new sweet variety of broccoli, which is grown in Scotland, will prove to be a real hit not only with kids but also with parents.”

Broccoli is a relatively new vegetable in the UK and didn’t become popular on British high streets until about 30 years ago.

Since then it has become the UK’s top selling “green” with an annual market value of £178m.

Ms Gray said: “As the Supersweet is packed with flavour we are leaving long stems because we believe people will want to eat the whole floret and not just the heads.”

Broccoli is classed as a superfood as it is very low in fat, less than 0.5g for 100g, contains folic acid, a vitamin B which is good for the immune system and supports the development of a baby before and during pregnancy.

It is also a source of vitamin C which also benefits the immune system during and after intense physical exercise

Tesco Finest Supersweet Broccoli, which is grown in Scotland, will initially go on sale in 125 stores across the UK from this weekend and will cost £1.50 for a 300g packet. By Richard Alleyne, The Daily Telegraph


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