Adam Kutner: Providing Value to Personal Injury Clients

Adam Kutner is a Las Vegas attorney specializing in personal injury cases. During his more than 20 years in the legal field, Kutner has also worked on the other side of the courtroom as a defense attorney on behalf of insurance firms. This wide-ranging experience provides Kutner with a unique perspective on the personal injury field and allows him to deliver the most persuasive arguments to serve his clients more effectively. Kutner specializes in obtaining the maximum settlement for his clients in as short a time as possible to allow them to manage medical costs and other expenses resulting from their injuries.

Added Value for the Client

Kutner’s firm offers a number of services designed to provide added help to valued clients. One of the most innovative of these services is the V.I.P. Program, which allows clients to bring in a traffic ticket or summons to the law offices two weeks or more before the scheduled court date and receive representation in court to defend against these legal entanglements. These services typically cost hundreds or thousands of dollars at other Las Vegas law firms; Kutner and his associates provide them free of charge as a service to their valued clients.

True 24/7 Services

Kutner’s law firm also makes house calls and can travel to hospitals, doctor’s offices, auto repair shops and anywhere else in Las Vegas to help prospective clients get the legal assistance they need. Kutner and his associates also offer car service pickup for clients who lack transportation to the law offices. These value-added services set Kutner apart from other attorneys in the area and represent the firm’s focus on customer service and satisfaction in the legal arena.

Service to the Community

Kutner is also involved in the Las Vegas community and recently announced a donation of $5,000 to the National Association for Latin Americans (NALA). The funds will be used to sponsor a classroom in NALA’s local childcare facility, which serves Las Vegas children between the ages of two and five whose families cannot afford the cost of attendance at a traditional day care center. Kutner’s donation will help these children enjoy the benefits of early childhood education in a caring and supportive environment.

A Client-Oriented Approach to Personal Injury Law

By offering an array of additional services that provide value for clients, legal firms can build loyalty and trust that can ensure a reliable customer base for their services. An extensive array of value-added services and his commitment to his clients have allowed Kutner to enjoy more than 20 years of success in the Las Vegas legal environment. During that time, Kutner has pursued more than 20,000 personal injury claims on behalf of his clients and has accumulated a wealth of experience in this field of law. This allows him to produce exceptional results and to obtain maximum compensation for his clients with insurance companies and in the courtroom setting.

Adam Kutner is leading the way in the Las Vegas legal field with exceptional services and a commitment to the community that makes him a standout performer in this fast-paced city. By putting his clients first, Kutner has set a standard for excellence in Nevada law.

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