Plaj Has Scandinavian Inspiration

The most interesting aspect of California food is how the melting pot nature of our population translates to the plate. Some of the most exciting food, in fact, comes from chefs who love living in San Francisco but stave off homesickness by incorporating familiar flavors of their native lands into their repertoire.

I’ve seen it bear fruit at Aziza, where Mourad Lahlou celebrates his Moroccan heritage; at Bar Tartine, where Nick Balla weaves in ingredients of Hungary; and at the four-star Benu, where French Laundry-trained chef Corey Lee gives an Asian sensibility to California flavors. [Read more...]

How Long Can You Keep Your Food?

Everyone has had the experience of throwing away a half-eaten block of cheese or half-empty carton of milk because it has exceeded its expiration date.

But the Korea Con­sumer Agency on Tuesday said most foods are safe even a few days after their expiration date.

“The expiration dates written on the cover of the products are usually for distribution. That is, they mean dates when the shop managers begin to take them off the shelves. At home, under well-controlled storage systems, one can eat expired foods without worrying too much about the datelines even if they have passed the dates by a few days,” Song Gyu-hye, a staff member of the agency, said. [Read more...]

Blueberry Wine Has More Antioxidants Than Many Grape-Based Wines: Study

Blueberry wine can provide more potentially healthy compounds than white wines and many red wines, according to a new University of Florida study.

Researchers with UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences measured antioxidant content in a Florida-produced blueberry wine and compared it to published reports of antioxidant content in white and red wines made from grapes. Antioxidants are compounds that may offer cells protection from damaging molecules called free radicals.

The researchers found the Florida wine, produced from southern highbush blueberries, had more antioxidants than all of the reported white wine values and all but 20 percent of the reported values for red wines, which are considered high in antioxidants. [Read more...]

Cooking Should Be Fun

Food in the different parts of the world has changed dramatically in the recent years. This transformation has brought many peoples’ interest making a living in cooking. As more reality television shows begin featuring aspiring and established chefs, the “chef” occupation has become increasingly popular. Chef or Head Cook Jobs comes with managerial and administrative duties on top of preparing and cooking food, but to most chefs what sets them apart from a cook is the ability to implement menus, develop recipes and, most importantly, create signature dishes for which he or she will be known. This is what made a friend of mine, a culinary expert in his field and has master in cooking techniques to land such a good job abroad where lucrative pay is very promising.