5 Best Foods For Men

5 Best Foods For MenEggs

They are a rich source of protein; they’re low in calories (around 80 calories per medium-sized egg); and they can be enjoyed in multiple ways – so what’s not to love about the humble egg? The good news for guys here is that eggs, whether poached, scrambled, boiled or enjoyed as an omelette, are high in amino acids which aid growth and repair, making them the perfect post-workout munch. [Read more...]

Exceptional Holiday Lightings

Exceptional Holiday LightingsLooking for that perfect decorator item or trinket for Christmas? Well, why not have yours from a manufacturer who is producing lamps since 1998 and whose passion is to design and market exceptional lighting statements through products that provide ambiance to people and architecture? By then, you can be assured that the quality of their products is the best in the industry. Thus, if you’re looking for an exceptional holiday lightings and decorations, just click here for louis poulsen lighting, the name you can trust.

Who Really Invented Batchoy?

Who Really Invented BatchoyA hot, steaming bowl of soup with crumbled chicharon (fried pork skin) and a half-cooked egg on top is set in front of you. As you dig in and mix the contents together, you discover noodles and slices of meat and innards. As the egg mingles with the rich broth, you take a sip and then dive into this little pool of comfort food.

A complete meal in itself, batchoy is best enjoyed right out of the stove. Part of the fun is blowing at spoonfuls to make the broth just warm enough not to scald your tongue. Another delight is slurping and sipping the soup—there is no shame in making sounds as you enjoy the meat, noodles, and kaldo (soup). [Read more...]

Home Environment Can Influence Kids’ Health

Home Environment Can Influence Kids' HealthKids whose moms encourage them to exercise and eat well, and model those healthy behaviours themselves, are more likely to be active and healthy eaters, according to a new study.

According to researchers at Duke Medicine, home environment and parenting can influence a child’s health by shaping dietary and physical behaviors, such as providing access to fruits and vegetables or encouraging kids to play outside.

In this study, lead author Truls Ostbye and his colleagues examined the relationship between the home environment and behaviors related to obesity -dietary and exercise habits – among preschoolers. [Read more...]

Securing Inside & Outside Home

Securing Inside & Outside HomeIt has been noted that burglary is nothing new, yet, it now accounts for over 60% of crime across the globe. This makes securing the inside of your home as necessary as securing the outside. There are several approaches you can take to avoid burglars or unwelcome individuals into breaking and entering your home while staying within your budget. Some of those ways include the no-tech, the low-tech and the high-tech approaches. Hence, regardless of what approach you choose, you need to know that the people you pick to probably babysit your children and the contractors that will be in your home do not have criminal backgrounds and are properly licensed and bonded. After all, knowing how to handle a situation is the first step to crime prevention and maintaining a safe neighborhood and community.


Your Kitchen Moneysavers

Your Kitchen MoneysaversShopping to keep your kitchen well stocked and fully functioning can wreak major havoc on your weekly and monthly home budgets, what with the need to constantly replenish supplies and keep everything fresh and edible. Finding ways to cut corners when it comes to keeping a home that works for you can be a challenge, especially when you want to veer away from the a refrigerator stocked with food you can no longer consume, the temptation of unhealthy takeout, and leaving your pantry disorganized and never sorted out.

Make the leap from simply living with a kitchen that sometimes works for you, to maintaining a space that helps you function day to day without you having to sacrifice living gracefully.

Shop smart. Forgo the “buying for one” mentality and reap the benefits of bulk buying by going to big box stores with a group of friends. Going grocery shopping together puts more fun into an otherwise run of the mill errand, and allows everyone to split on a number of items that would be impossible for just one person to consume over a short amount of time. Wait for big sale announcements and go crazy with your shopaholic friends. [Read more...]

Health Alert For Elderly As Snow Forecast

Health Alert For Elderly As Snow ForecastThe NHS has called on the public to check on elderly neighbours and eat at least one hot meal a day as more snow is forecast to fall.

There is a “significant health risk” across the North of the country, leading the Department of Health and the Met Office to warn healthcare providers and the public to be prepared.

“This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services,” forecasters say.

“Prolonged periods of cold weather can be dangerous, especially for the very young, very old or those with chronic diseases.” [Read more...]