This New Type of Broccoli Just May Save Your Life-and Your Budget

This New Type of Broccoli Just May Save Your Life-and Your BudgetHow’s this for a happy accident: While researchers at the University of Illinois were trying to boost broccoli’s anti-cancer properties, they may have also found a way to extend the veggie’s shelf life. Jack Juvik, PhD, a professor in the crop sciences department at the university, whose study was recently published in PLOS ONE, says that putting one substance, methyl jasmonate (MeJA), on the crop before it’s harvested, and another, 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), after the harvest ups the veggie’s cancer-fighting power-and makes the produce last longer.

Just how much longer-and more powerful? “We found that the combined treatment approximately doubled the shelf life when stored at standard refrigerator temperature from about 7 to 15 days while enhancing anticancer activity by 60%,” says Dr. Juvik.

More potentially good news-if you’re not a huge broccoli fan, that is. Elizabeth Jeffery, PhD, the study’s co-author and a nutrition professor also at the University of Illinois, says that it’ll take fewer servings per week than the current recommended three to five to cut your risk for certain cancers by 40 to 50%. “That’s the sort of direction we’d like to go with our research,” she says. “Our aim is to help farmers produce a crop that ensures people get all of the health benefits associated with broccoli.” [Read more...]

Refreshing Ones Creativity


Refreshing Ones CreativityListening to other musicians is a great source for refreshing ones creativity. When you see someone plays a guitar with the song you also play they may give you new ideas on how to approach an old song. For sure, this will liven up a song you might have grown tired of playing. However, and probably after a long day of guitar playing, every guitarist needs a place to put their instruments, especially when they’re not in hand. One of the best sorts of decoration you can have at your home is a wall mount guitar hanger at musicians friend. It’s a cool way to make your guitar look in its downtime as good as it sounds when it’s onstage and naturally, it has practical applications as well as decorative ones.

Seven Foods That Fight Inflammation and Belly Fat

Seven Foods That Fight Inflammation and Belly FatFruits and vegetables

All fruits and vegetables, due to their rich nutrient and fiber content, help to combat chronic inflammation, so make sure to include adequate amounts of these foods daily. Some types of fresh produce, however, are even more potent than others.

Some terrific anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables to include in your meal plan include apples, berries, broccoli, mushrooms, papaya, pineapple, and spinach. [Read more...]

5 Super Bowl Snacks that Aren’t as Unhealthy as You Think

5 Super Bowl Snacks that Aren't as Unhealthy as You ThinkFor many of us, the fun of Super Bowl Sunday comes from watching the game, the commercials–and from enjoying 4+ hours of non-stop snacking! But not every football snack is an all-out calorie blitz. With the right game plan, you can indulge while keeping your tight end.

We looked at 10 of the top Super Bowl snacks and put them in a face-off to see which would win in terms of health. Here are our top 5 healthy picks for Super Bowl snacks.

Chicken wings (3 = 150 cals.) VS. Baby back ribs (1 = 170 cals.)

Winner: Wings!

Post-Game Analysis: Not only do you get to eat more for a similar number of calories, wings are lower in sat. fat (2 g vs. 4 g). [Read more...]

Newest Musical Innovations

Newest Musical InnovationsAre you planning to add some of your accessories, a new keyboard may be or thinking about upgrading such? Well, there is a little more to think about. Choosing the best keyboard can really be confusing, no matter if you are buying your first one, or if you are thinking about upgrading it. So what should be considered when searching such item? First think about do I want to play an acoustic and focus on what is comfortable to hold. This is especially important, because if the keyboard you are using is uncomfortable you will not want to continue. These aspects are really, the main concerns when choosing hammond keyboard at Guitar Center which showcases the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting.

Pinoys Among ‘World’s Fastest Growing Travel Spenders,’ Says UN

Pinoys Among 'World's Fastest Growing Travel Spenders,' Says UNRecords from the United Nations World Travel Organization (UNWTO), Filipinos are among the fastest growing travel spenders in the world last year.

Philippine outbound expenditures, which measures how much Filipinos spend while in transit, grew by 18 percent in 2013.

The Philippines was tied with Qatar. Turkey was at 24 percent, while Kuwait, Indonesia and Ukraine all posted growth rates of 15 percent.

Overall, international tourism grew ahead of expectations in 2013, with tourist arrivals around the world growing 5 percent or 52 million more arrivals from 2012.

This year, the UNWTO has a modest growth projection of 4 to 5 percent.

Expression Of Something Profound

expression of something profoundCan’t decide what do or give for that special day? Let your significant other tell you to have one peavey pv115d at guitar center. However, do you know that the gifts you may give to your family or friends for birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday celebrations can have hidden meaning? Well, according to some experts for example, when your gifts are empty, they represent lack of financial resources, when your gifts show time, they symbolize limited life span, and when your gifts is about music whether they were all about emulating birds and the sounds of nature around them-rustling in the trees, thunder, or something deeper, music has always been a sacred expression of something profound within us and surrounding us on a very fundamental level.