Meditation For The Working Woman

Meditation For The Working WomanWith a household to run, a partner to look after, a child (or more) to raise, deadlines to meet, a nagging boss to report to or a business to manage, who has time to meditate? Besides, meditating? Isn’t that just for monks?

Many people have false perceptions of meditation: that it’s a spiritual activity performed meant only for new age folk or tree huggers; that you need to wake up before sunrise to do it; that you have to sit uncomfortably while mosquitoes feast on you; that you need to be highly enlightened to be able to successfully achieve it.

In reality, anyone can do it. And yes, the busier you are, the more you need to do it. Here we bust four meditation misconceptions through testimonies of working women whose lives have been touched by meditation. [Read more...]

How To Bounce Back From Anything

How To Bounce Back From AnythingBounce back tip 1: Focus on the positives

No matter how bad a situation may seem, it is always possible to find at least one positive thing about the situation if you really try. Maybe you have gained inner strength and resilience from dealing with a difficult situation, grown closer to a friend through sharing your heartbreak or learned something important about yourself. Try your best to focus on what you have learned and gained from your experience rather than on what you have lost.

Focus on the positives and bounce back from any situationFocus on the positives and bounce back from any situation [Read more...]

The Mind Matters, Everywhere

The Mind Matters, EverywhereThe new buzzword in the fitness industry is ‘Mind-Body’ exercise. This primarily refers to Yoga, Pilates and T’ai Chi where the Mind-Body connection is unmistakably evident. The instructions are directed to the breath and a very obvious connection is made between the breath and the movement. When taught properly, it can produce several health benefits like relief from and management of stress besides a certain inward thinking, body awareness and mindfulness.

This false differentiation, however, makes it appear as if any other form of fitness (running, aerobic dance, strength training) somehow does not involve the mind! [Read more...]

Easy Tricks to Feel Fabulous This Summer

It’s that time again! Take out your teeny weenie yellow polka-dot bikini and catch some sun by the pool.

Although summer brings warm weather and beach days, it may also lead to fad dieting and unhealthy habits. If you’re like most women, you’ll try anything to de-bloat and slim down. Don’t be fooled by quick fixes that are temporary and leave you feeling dissatisfied. Soon, cravings consume the mind, and one binge later you’re back to hiding in a sarong. Not this year! My easy tips are proven to help you lose weight while eating all of your favorite foods. These easy “no diet” tips will help boost your confidence so you feel firmer, more energized, and ready to hit the beach! [Read more...]

Exercise Can Make It Easier To Eat Healthy

The tendency towards a healthy diet and the right amount of physical exercise are interlinked and often go hand in hand, a new study has suggested.

According to researchers from Harvard University, an increase in physical activity is linked to an improvement in diet quality.

“Understanding the interaction between exercise and a healthy diet could improve preventative and therapeutic measures against obesity by strengthening current approaches and treatments,” Miguel Alonso Alonso, a researcher at Harvard University, said.

The researchers also found that exercise also brings benefits such as an increase in sensitivity to physiological signs of fullness. This not only means that appetite can be controlled better but it also modifies hedonic responses to food stimuli. [Read more...]

Seven Things To Live Up To 100 Years

People can live up to 100 years if they take care of seven simple things in everyday life, a leading cardiologist has claimed.

Clyde Yancy, a Canadian cardiologist, says changes to lifestyle such as keeping a healthy weight, not smoking and controlling your cholesterol levels are an easy way to add an extra decade or more to your life span, the Daily Mail reported.

Yancy says 90 percent of people can live to the age of 90 and even reach 100 by following his advice. The other steps include regulating blood pressure, managing diabetes, eating a healthy diet and being active. [Read more...]

Why Filipino Communities Need More Playgrounds

Renowned American architect Jason Racek believes it is important for communities everywhere to build playgrounds for children to keep them playful and curious at the same time.

Racek spearheads GOPLAYPROJECT, an organization that creates safe and enjoyable play spaces for children in underprivileged communities. In Asia alone, Racek and his group have built 45 playgrounds.

Racek visited the country recently and conducted workshops with the finalists of the “Make Space for Play”, a playground design competition organized by Play Universal.

“There’s a danger of sedimentary lifestyle of the 21st century generation. They spend most of the time on television and computer screens and they lose the inherent nature of desire to play,” says Racek, noting playful and experimentation are the hallmarks of successful people. [Read more...]